Netflix can be one the most well-known example of a penetrating pricing strategy. If you or your friends are users of it, you might have heard about the Netflix one-month free subscription. This indicates that the company uses a penetrating strategy for its prices and has successfully attracted millions of users. There are many methods or strategies of pricing & among these methods, skim pricing or skimming & penetration pricing are considered to be most important.

There are many approaches, and choosing the right strategy depends on a number of factors, including market conditions, competitive landscape, and the maturity of your product or service. Penetration pricing has low-profit margins, whereas skimming pricing has large profit margins. Price skimming is the opposite of penetration pricing and must be utilized carefully or the chances of failure are high. Companies that utilize this strategy are either sure of their product’s quality or the product is unique/highly differentiated. Mostly they use this strategy when they are introducing a product that is absolutely new to the market and they know soon competitors will enter the market and make cheaper substitutes available.


The price elasticity of demand is high and easy substitutes of that product are available. The substantial asking price is justified by the substantial sums invested in advertising the products. The exponential growth of both the company’s client base and its market share. There are enough prospective customers willing to buy the product at a high price.

Price skimming is a product pricing strategy by which a firm charges the highest initial price that customers will pay and then lowers it over time. As the demand of the first customers is satisfied and competition enters the market, the firm lowers the price to attract another, more price-sensitive segment of the population. Penetration pricing aims at achieving a greater market share, by offering the product at low prices. As against the object of using skimming pricing strategy is to earn maximum profit from the customers, by offering the product at the highest price. Price skimming involves initially charging the highest price your market will accept for your product, then lowering it over time.

The price skimming strategy aims to generate high profits in the beginning when a new product is launched. It does not aim to capture the market share through economies of scale. However, as the profit margins are higher, the gross profits for the company are higher in the beginning. In the penetration pricing strategy, the products are sold in large quantities because they are priced low. On the other hand, in the skimming pricing strategy, the products are sold in smaller quantities because they are priced high. The main objective of the penetration pricing strategy is to attract customers and increase sales by penetrating the market.

How Does Price Skimming Pricing Work?

In price-skimming, however, the price of the product is high in the beginning so that maximum profit is attained by targeting the cream of the market. It is also widely used when a breakthrough or prestigious product is launched. A price skimming strategy would set a high price for such products keeping their luxurious status in front of customers. There are several advantages of implementing a skimming pricing strategy in the market.

Price Skimming Definition: How It Works and Its Limitations – Investopedia

Price Skimming Definition: How It Works and Its Limitations.

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As a company has larger order quantities and is able to build greater infrastructure, it often experiences less cost per unit due to manufacturing or operational efficiencies. Companies that employed penetration pricing themselves may be exposed to penetration pricing counterstrategies when they finally decide its time to raise prices. As the company attracts new customers, it is imperative that the company seeks out economies of scale.

This skimming and penetration pricing has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals. When price changes do not affect the demand for a product, it’s called an inelastic demand curve.

Difference between Skimming and Penetration Pricing

Penetration pricing comes with the risk that new customers may choose the brand initially, but once prices increase, switch to a competitor. Skimming pricing refers to the strategy that brands adopt when launching products above the market price. The pricing strategy in which high markup is charged for the new product, leading to the high price, so as to skim the cream from the market, is known as Skimming Pricing. It entails fixing a high price for the new product before other competitors step into the market. Planning out your feature bundles is a fundamental of pricing, regardless of whether you’re planning to use price skimming as your main strategy.

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After their initial purchase, price reductions may drive off early adopters. It also discusses the relevance of the Gita’s teachings in maintaining balance and clarity in the face of difficult situations. By incorporating the wisdom of the Gita into their work, product managers can approach their role with a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Please explore these two good resources to read more articles on Product Management & Data Science. For example, prices ending in “.99” are often used to give the impression of a lower price, while prices that are rounded to the nearest whole number are perceived as more premium.

Trying out price skimming with Hubstaff

Therefore, the most successful penetration pricing strategies rely on broader markets with more exposure where a single penetration pricing strategy can have the greatest effect. Since you sacrifice short-term profits for a more significant early market share, there can be an initial pressure on your budget. Initial costs also include increased resources for production and marketing since discounted prices can increase demand. Overall, businesses need to consider various factors when determining their pricing strategy, including their costs, competition, customer behavior, and market trends. The right pricing strategy can help businesses attract and retain customers, increase revenue and profits, and stay competitive in the marketplace.

  • Penetration pricing strategy involves setting low prices of the products for attracting a high number of customers to increase sales and market share.
  • Penetrating strategy targets high sales at the beginning and the skimming strategy target high profits in the beginning.
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Price bundling is a great tool for providing customers with all the functionality they need to find success with your product or service. Once those features with the highest combined score in customer value and willingness to pay are in that upper bracket, Hubstaff could publicize this as its high-quality/high-price option. The logic from there dictates that as Hubstaff releases new product features, the older ones then can be sold at a low price while the new features occupy that premium option. It helps the seller recover costs of production, research and development, and other costs quickly.

What is Price Skimming?

This article presents a conversation between Ram & Shyam, two friends in a product management team. Competitors could enter the market with cheaper substitutes quicker than the company’s expectations leading to lower demand and loss. Highly suited for high-quality/ innovative products or products with a small market niche and low competition.

These strategies vary from one another, and they are categorized based on several parameters. The company generates total revenue of A + B + C, with total sales of Q2. Business Class Are you looking for the latest trends and insights to fuel your business strategy? If the sales do not rise quickly, it may be difficult for a company since the working capital will get blocked, leading to a shortage of funds. Whether you are new to product management or an experienced professional, this book will provide you with valuable insights and guidance that can help you to lead and create with purpose and integrity.

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The first thing to consider, when making a decision is that pricing is the only variable of the marketing mix that you can change almost in real-time. If you don’t get the pricing right, you may eat up your margins and be unprofitable even in the case of a successful launch. In the beginning, there is a huge requirement of capital for producing the product, resulting in high production cost.

In other words, the need for your product would stay the same whether you lower or raise its price. For your new offering to be successful, the quality must outweigh the greater cost. From tech giants like Apple to fast-food chains like McDonald’s, businesses of all sizes have leveraged this power to attract new customers and drive growth. When company has to face high competition while launching the product.

Whether a business seeks to increase market share, overall profit, customer value, or profit margin will determine the best method. Choosing the best pricing approach when a firm introduces a new product might be challenging. The decision between price skimming and penetration pricing depends on goals for the target market or the product’s life cycle. Your ability to choose between the two techniques wisely might help you increase sales, enhance the reputation of your business, or lessen competitors.

Whereas, the skimming pricing strategy offers a high price at the beginning of the product launch to attract the customers who are willing to pay high. It works the best when there is no competition in the market against your product. So, the purpose of penetration pricing is to maximize market share by offering low price while the skimming price purpose is to maximize profit margins by offering high price. Number of sales is high in penetration pricing due to a large number of customers drawn towards the product for its low price.

If your brand has a strong following, then it can be worth taking advantage of this brand equity, to exploit the premium pricing you can charge above your competitor. Having said this it’s really important to identify the overall strategies you may want to adopt to achieve your goals. In this sense, it’s a good idea to remember that pricing can always be adjusted to reflect the response you’ll be collecting from your market. By subscribing, you agree to ProfitWell’s terms of service and privacy policy. However, the company must know the limitations of this strategy before implementing and adopting it in order to avoid any sort of losses.