About St. Albans 

A historical city with charm

St. Albans is a fantastic city which we also happen to know really well. It is 20 minutes away from London and it offers a wonderful setting. It is surrounded by parks, forests and walks that give visitors plenty of opportunities outdoors, yes yes, yes even when it rains!

The city centre is full of character and provides a clean, safe and perfect setting for your  stay. The streets are full of history, there are more pubs per capita than anywhere else in the country. There is an exciting selection of places to eat that will please everyone’s taste and a fantastic array of shops.  And we bet that there is a lot about St. Albans that you don’t know. Did you know Stephen Hawkins went to school in St. Albans? Did you know that The Zombies started out at a local  pub? What about the Ryder Cup?  Yes Samuel Ryder is from St. Albans too.

St Albans has some of the top schools in the country as well as an extensive extra curriculum offering of activities for children of all ages. On a daily basis school children with uniform fill the city centre and surrounding neigbourhoods and if you come out first thing in the morning or mid afternoon you might feel as if you are living a true Harry Potter adventure.

There is no doubt that you will fall in love with St. Albans just like we did many years ago when we first landed here. Often recognised as one of the best places to live in England, St. Albans is also a great spot to enjoy a holiday that feels 100% British.

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Known as one of the best cities to live in England; come and meet St. Albans soon.