Behind “We are M & N”

M for Maria | N for Núria

 “We are M & N” is a project lead by Maria and Núria, two Catalans from St Albans  who after many lunches, concerts, walks, chats and bunches of laughter decided to join their personal drives and professional experiences to create a programme inspired by their walks of life.

M & N are nice, hardworking, sociable (sometimes too much), good hosts (Maria is the hostess with the mostess), genuine, funny, curious, and most of all, good friends. As well as providing a good offering of services around languages, with “We are M & N” they want to share those things they know and they love more about the city of St. Albans city where they both live now. 

They are passionate about discovering and about the way people from around the world do things. They have a keen interest in teaching foreign languages and are currently teaching to local children and keen adults.

Here is a bit more about their lives and how they got here today.

M for Maria

Maria is from Barcelona, Solsona and Menorca but has lived in England for the past twenty-three years. In her professional career she thrived at organising events and managing marketing initiatives for companies in the tourist sector.  After trying the financial world and realising in her own words “ accounts is the most boring thing in the world” she now teaches Spanish to children and adults, and she loves it.

Maria is very sociable and she is possibly one of the most known people in St. Albans. As a keen host she loves cooking and having people around her house. She is involved in the community and volunteers at a local homeless centre. Maria lives with her husband, her two children, a couple of Watford footballers and 2 guinea pigs. And most importantly, her house is always your house.


N for Núria

Núria is from Girona, but she has lived in Barcelona, Wolverhampton, London, Tarragona and since 2017 she lives in St. Albans.

Ants in her pants loves travelling, reading, enjoys Asian cuisine, a good wine, and can’t live without matcha tea ( in any kind of form or shape). Whilst in St. Albans, she has learnt that it doesn’t rain as much as people say, that being surrounded by acres of fields and interesting forests stops you from missing the sea that much. English cuisine is boring, no way! Nuria says English cuisine is varied and can be exotic, and she really enjoys it.

There is a never-ending list of cultural activities on offer in England and Nuria loves that. Most importantly, Brexit aside, what she loves about British people is that they are welcoming,  they have a smashing sense of humour and they like to get involved in social projects.

fortnum and mason we are mandn

Alexis Parker – English Language coach

Alexis Parker was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Has an English mum so totally bilingual with Spanish and Catalan as her second languages. Mother of two lovely children and passionate about animals, specially dogs and horses. Loves to travel and has settled in St Albans since 2011. She feels blessed to have the best of both worlds, the relaxed approach to life from Spain and the multicultural vibe from England.
Alexis runs an after school club business teaching children Spanish since 2015 and also does private tutoring from beginners to GCSE or A level. She truly believes in the benefits of learning a language at a young age as it is so beneficial to improve memory, enhances the ability to multi-task and decision making, widens the knowledge in other cultures and boosts creativity. Her lessons are dynamic, varied and with fun games to complement the learning. 
Spanish is now the third most worldwide spoken language in the world, spoken  in most of South America and Spain, which are the most popular holiday destinations for British people. The vibrant culture , the delicious food and of course, the amazing warm climate make it the best place for a holiday. In the Spanish lessons you can learn grammar, vocabulary and many Hispanic traditions, etc..