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Want to meet new people?  Experience authentic British life?  Do you want your children to expand their horizons and make new friends? Have you ever heard of a beautiful city named St. Albans ?

“We are M & N” specialises in turning holidays into an authentic life experience where you can connect with the local community through play, creativity and sport.

We really make it easy for you. We help you by getting your children to learn in an informal way with boys and girls from St. Albans. We hope they will create memories and a special bond that will link them to the city forever. Children will have endless opportunities and will be able to get involved in activities organised by local holiday camps. They will be able to choose from sporting activities like football, tennis, cricket and basketball  to activities in the creative industry such as dance, performance and painting.

We will help you get to know the city by the hand of our best hosts sharing walks in the park, chats at the pub or afternoon tea. We will ensure you can practice your English whilst you enjoy the surroundings and spend quality time with people from this great city. We have chosen the best hosts, the best holiday camps and our favourite places to help you experience a holiday that will feel 100% British.

We organise social events with local people, cultural excursions and English language classes as well as opportunities for your children to enjoy local clubs and activities. And if that’s not enough, they will also be making new friends.

So whether you are travelling solo or bringing your family, St Albans has it all and you are going to love it!  Just 20 minutes away from central London, it offers a wonderful setting surrounded by parks, historical pubs over 90 to choose from and great restaurants and shopping. It has some of the best schools in the country, with an amazing array of clubs and activities for children.

Package options

Whether are holidaying on your own, or perhaps with your partner or a friend we have you covered!  Are you up for some fun and relaxation? Would you fancy visiting one of the many pubs with friendly local people ? (Did you know that St Albans has the most pubs in the UK per mile ? ). Would you enjoy an afternoon tea experience at one of the many tea rooms in town or even at one of our fabulous host’s home. Do you want to learn English? We can organise intensive lessons, conversation classes or you can have your own personal mentor.

Don’t worry, you will definitely have time to visit London and all the attractions that the city has to offer. We also have an array of personal recommendations to make your holiday truly unique.

Our travel options are based on a seven day stay. When chosing “We are M & N”, you can have a bespoke holiday. With our personalised options, finding something that suits your needs, meets your expectations and understands your likes and dislikes is our top priority. We share the excitement of your journey with you and we can’t wait to welcome you here. (Children must travel with at least one adult.)

we are m and n package options   Just For Kids

This package has been designed for those parents who wish to have a bit of free time to explore the city and surrounding areas whilst their children take part in local summer camps. The price includes:


 5-Day summer camp ( from 9am to 3pm) + pack lunch 

Welcome and support by the M&N team 

 Transfer from and to Luton Airport. 

Welcome pack 

Local transport 

Accommodation in a budget City center hotel**

Drama: Theatre | Dance | Singing  Sports: Football | Tennis  Arts & crafts: Painting  Others: Science experiments | Multiactivities | Nature

From £1,500

  All together now


This packet has been designed for those parents to who to use their holiday to practise and improve their English whilst children attend the local summer camps. 

5 dies de casal (de 9 h a 15 h)* + pack lunch

Activitats d’Immersió linguïstica pels adults

Acollida i suport equip M&N

Transfer d’anada i tornada a l’aeroport de Luton

Pack de benvinguda

Transport local

Allotjament  per a 4 persones en una habitació familiar  al centre de la ciutat**

From £2,100


Tourist attractions booking: Why not make the most of being so close to London? We can book and organise visits and activities for you – here’s just a taster of what’s on offer. From a Musical, to a visit to the Parliament, a day at the Harry Potter studios, a football stadium tour…. Or if you fancy something a little less common and off the beaten track, we can help you find that too.

Travel Essentials Advice: We have left you to organise your own flights and accommodation so you can be as flexible as you want with your travel plans. However, we have done extensive research in the area and we can share this with you at a small extra cost. We are also able to act as your middle person  and liaise directly with the providers.

Do you want to find out more?

 “We are M & N” makes  everything possible. Tells us about your preferences and we will send you a bespoke offer.