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Spanish | English 

 Learn a new language with “We are M & N” whilst discovering new cultures and traditions.  Our language courses are creative and fun and always taught by native speakers.  We currently offer Spanish, English and Catalan for children as well as workshops to help develop your language skills.

We aim to help people communicate better in a foreign language and we provide you with opportunities to enjoy and experience other cultures first hand. We are diverse, innovative, and original in our approach and we believe that when teaching is achieved through creativity and fun, people develop a much bigger desire to learn. We are happy and confident that we have designed a program which will suit many and we are truly excited to have kicked this off.

It is important to know that all our activities and classes are headed up by native speakers.



M & N Tuition reinforces the curriculum through activities and planned lessons. Lessons are taught by native speakers which give students a great opportunity to improve their pronunciation skills and learn expressions and things about the culture that they wouldn’t necessarily learn at school. 

We want the students to have fun but we understand the importance of their academic achievement and we help them to succeed in their exams. 

we are m and n package options   PRIMARY SCHOOL & KS3  (Years 7,8,9)  

For primary school children is as much about having fun as it is about learning and for us the most important thing is that we engage students in having an interest in learning a foreign language and progress with it during later educational years. 

We teach using games and activities to make each lessons fun and engaging as well as reinforcing the curriculum so students have a good foundation and are familiar with the “must knows” when they start GCSE. We focus on pronunciation and achieving an authentic “Spanish accent” as well as taking part in activities that immerse students into Spanish culture.

Group Max 6 | Price £8.50 per student paid half termly 

  GCSE & A Levels

We offer Group lessons and one to one sessions. Our lessons are run by native teachers and includes 6 weeks exchange program with a school in Spain. They are fun and engaging lessons, and when possible we do extra activities ( get together, cooking..) and lots of curriculum work.  

Group tuition : Groups 3 + £10 ( per student) paid half termly. Max 6 students    

1 -2-1 and 1-2-2: £27.50 for 1 or £15 pp for 2.Ideal for students who struggle with learning languages at school and as part of a group, and those who require extra reinforcement on an ad hoc basis. 

Saturday clinics £27.50 new students / £20 for current students paid as you go


we are mandn package options  ADULTS


Do you speak Spanish? Come and practise the language, improve fluency and extend your vocabulary. We have lots of fun at our conversation lessons, we share personal experience, holiday fun, likes and dislikes and we become friends. 

Group tuition: Groups 3 + £10 ( per student) paid half termly. Max 4 students    

Smaller groups of 2 are charged at £15 pp and 1-2-1 at £27.50

Spanish for beginners

This is for adults who have taken the language for the first time.

1-2-1 £30 | 1-2-2 £15 | Groups 3 + £10 ( per student) paid half termly | Max 6 students

 English Conversation

We will help you gain confidence and increase your vocabulary. You will also have an opportunity to get to know people from other countries and talk about everything you like, from cooking to travelling, daily news, sports or nature.  

If you are interested in learning English either in person or online let us know. We have two sessions a week running at the moment but we can open up groups on demand. 

In person – St. Albans UK

Wednesday 7.15 – 8.30 pm | £12.50 per person paid half termly | Maximum 4 students per groups


Thursday 6 –  7.15 pm | £12.50 per person paid half termly | Maximum 4 students per groups

** If you are a beginner or you want to learn more specific English for business send us an enquiry.

Do you want to learn a new language?

  “We are M & N” teaches languages in a social and relaxed environment. All our teachers are native speakers.