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Fet a casa, a page showcasing things that attract our attention from places we visit, but mostly things from our own little worlds, artists, food, music, costumes, restaurants, wines etc. A page aimed at connecting both cultures and their amazingness.

The Garden Box Company

Brand-new blooms of spring, summer’s wild colours, the golden falls of autumn, or winter’s frosty shrubs, England’s gardens are always spectacular.  Snowdrops, daffodils, and bluebells come out to paint the landscape at different times of the year and British people capture the perfect look in their own gardens. They take every opportunity to visit the spread across fields and shaded woods, with family, friends and their dogs. 

Flower baskets, bedding plants, evergreens, pots and plants are commonly used terms as summer approaches and garden centres are filled with exciting keen gardeners. 

Local expert Debbie at “The Garden Box Company” loves flowers and has recently started an exciting business, sourcing and arranging flowers into boxes, baskets and pots to fill the life of local people with colours, and hope. 


It is not a tale, British people absolutely love their tea, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Whenever there is an opportunity to drink tea, they do.  It transpires that British people have been drinking tea for over 350, so not surprise they really have mastered the art of making a good cup of tea or a cuppa how it is informally known as.

We love at Fortnum and Mason tea selection. Not just their flavours but their packaging, colourful patterns clearly representing flavours and ingredients, and a taste of British style.

A visit to the “Fortnum and Mason” store is an absolute must.


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Clos Pissarra

Landscapes filled with colourful vineyards,  provide Catalunya with a scenery of stunning beauty. With over 300 cellars across 12 domains this region produces some of the best wines in the country.

If you like many others enjoy sharing a bottle of wine over a dinner and a long chat, then let us introduce you to the wines at Celler Clos Pissarra,  from the town of Falset in Tarragona.

This small Cellar is managed by the Galician winemaker Maruxa Roel and it produces a wine that is full of sensibility and character. A wine that needs to be enjoyed slowly to fully appreciate its flavour.  A taste will bring  you closer to its origin and very soon you will be able to do that here in the city of St. Albans. Keep an eye on our events and don’t miss out on this opportunity. Maruxa will captivate you with her passion for wine.

If you are intrigued about who is behind the names of M&N, visit our “About us” page. The animated illustrations are a mirror image of our personalities and we love them. Bet Diez, known as An-du-lu-plan-du is one of our favourite illustrators. We truly love her work, and her little universe, and although she now spends most of her time teaching, she continues to draw as a hobby and never fails to enchant people with her creations. Follow her blog to see what she gets up to.ed settings.

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