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We have started a new venture to help people learn a new language in a fun and dynamic way, through events and interaction between international visitors and local people. We want to show the best of different cultures, as well as helping people of all ages learn a foreign language or alternatively improve what they already know. We want to give international visitors opportunities to immerse in the life of local people during their holidays, and also provide local enthusiasts opportunities to improve their language skills through events organised and tailored to the learning of languages. 

We Are M & N” suggests a different type of holiday experience.  We invite you to join one of  our immersive stays so you can practise English and dive into the life of the locals. A stone’s throw away from London lays a small ancient city, with the second largest Cathedral in England, a charming historical town centre, parks, forests and gardens. St Albans is the perfect place for you and your family to practise the language whilst your children do the things, they enjoy most, be that football, performing, drawing or simply enjoying open spaces to run. Our trips give you the opportunity to make new friends and establish new links with people you would have never met if you had stayed at home. We want your family to make the most of their stay and take advantage of St. Albans’ proximity to London which is why we encourage you to take trips to the city in the afternoon or evenings and enjoy the many things this British capital has to offer.  


At “We are M & N” we have the knowledge to give you the best advice so you can discover everything including the best kept places and secrets of the city. We complement our programme by offering bespoke classes for adults focused on their interests which encourages you to mix with local hosts. It is an immersive holiday experience involving the town and the people of St. Albans.

Maria and Núria can’t wait to turn your holiday into an adventurous journey, taking you and your family out of your comfort zone and they are very excited to welcome you to the fabulous city of St. Albans ‘hopefully very soon’. Check our Immersive Travel section and send us an enquiry for further information. 

At “We are M & N” we teach foreign languages too, offering this service mostly to local people from in and around St. Albans. Our lessons are specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language for both children and adults. We also teach English as a second language and Catalan to children who speak both English and Catalan at home.  All our teachers are native speakers and teach with a dynamic approach. We also organise events to practice the language in a social and fun way. Learn Spanish through cooking your favourite dishes or whilst presenting you with a local illustrator.  We all like wine…wine tasting anyone ? Quizzes, karaokes, cooking you name it we do it.

“We are M & N” has a simple mission, to build a community of people who have an interest in learning foreign languages and to ensure that everyone who embarks on the journey has fun along the way.  

Fet a casa, a page showcasing things that attract our attention from places we visit, but mainly things from our own little worlds, artists, food, music, costumes, restaurants, wines etc. A page aimed at connecting both cultures and their amazingness.


This is  “We are M & N”. We are Maria & Núria, two super excited friends ready to start this new adventure with you. Thank you for coming with us throughout this journey and make it more enjoyable.

We hope to see on board very soon. 

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