British families are very good at following traditions and involving their kids in celebrating, whatever occasion it might be, through creativity, fun, mess, and most of the time, in the outdoors. And Easter is a classic example of that. Schools, nurseries, or people at home decorate spaces with Easter bunnies,  paper egg displays and enjoy some traditional baking. Have you ever tried “Chocolate Cornflakes cupcakes”?

Here is a recipe for you:

Egg Hunt

Cornflake Cupcakes


Without a doubt, one of the most memorable things are the many organised egg hunts going on around the country, which for the record it’s so much more fun if you organise your own! Decorate some eggs ( or it’s acceptable to buy chocolate ones instead), think of good hiding places, create some clues and you are ready to go.

We promise this is an enjoyable experience for the whole family, small and older children, parents and grandparents too. At the end of the day, it involved chocolate, and who doesn’t like chocolate!

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