Showed at the London Film Festival, “El buen patrón” is a film directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, one of the most important contemporary storyteller in Spain, featuring the extraordinary actor Javier Bardem in a lead role.  The Good Boss is a tour de force of satire, a delirious trip of a film at a time when life feels too intense, too broken, and just too darn sad.

What a great opportunity to improve your Spanish and learn a bit more about Spanish Culture.
Watch the trailer here:

About the film

The Good Boss” takes place in and around the Blancos Básculas factory, where all things must be in balance at all times. After all, they manufacture scales of all shapes and sizes. There, the seemingly benevolent boss, Bardem’s Blanco, is preparing his workforce for an upcoming inspection by a group visiting local businesses to select one for a prestigious prize. Tensions begin to mount, however, when recently fired employee Jose shows up with his two children and begins making demands for the reinstatement of his employment. When Blanco’s management team refuses, the employee begins a one-man crusade to discredit Blanco and prevent him from winning the much-coveted award.

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