St. Albans is your next destination, and our welcome city. The place where we teach languages and engage the local community with fun experiences.

The city is twenty minutes away from London and it offers a wonderful setting. It is surrounded by parks, forests and walks that give visitors plenty of opportunities outdoors, yes yes, yes even when it rains!

The city center is full of character and provides a clean, safe and perfect setting for locals and visitors too. The streets are full of history and it has one of the largest Cathedrals in the country dating back to the VIII century. There are more pubs per capita than anywhere else in the country here in St. Albans and so many different styles to chose from, traditional, gastro, city, rural.. We like rustic. Pubs with low ceilings, wooden beams, cracking flooring and fireplaces. In one of the pubs, the Blacksmith Arms, is where in 1960 the Zombies came together to form their band. Here is a link to one of their most emblematic songs  She is not there. I bet you can’t wait to join us for a pint ! Well, we can’t.

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