We are M&N loves learning new languages and enjoys sharing words and unique expressions. Today we want to give you 5 untranslatable words, words that reflect the idiomatic richness of both the Spanish and the English languages.


Spoiler – Quién no la utiliza? Hacer un spoiler es desvelar datos decisivos sobre una película o serie.

Awkward – Es una forma de expresar incomodidad. She smoked in front of your parents. Awkward!

Wanderlust – Literalmente significa pasión por viajar e indica una necesidad imparable de viajar

Crush – amor platónico o amor idealizado, que es aquel que sentimos por alguien que nos parece inalcanzable

Unfriend – La traducción literal sería “desamigar”, palabra que no existe en español.


Anteayer – The day before yesterday.

Estrenar – First time we use or wear something.

Madrugar – Wake up before sunrise.

Friolero – It defines a person who is always freezing or feeling cold.

Sobremesa – Sobremesa literally means “over the table.  It’s that time spent after a meal, hanging out with family or friends, chatting and enjoying each other’s company at the table.

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